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In the Untitled Film Stills there are no Cleopatras, no ladies on trains, no women of a certain age.[…]The sixty-nine solitary heroines map a particular constellation of fictional femininity that took hold in postwar America—the period of Sherman’s youth, and the ground-zero of our contemporary mythology. In finding a form for her own sensibility, Sherman touched a sensitive nerve in the culture at large. 

  Anonymous said:
Hector why u so angry damn

why are you asking this question: 1) on marinafans? and 2) on anon? if you have a problem with one of our members, talk to them on their blog instead of coming on here. thank you! ~ kevin

Marina and The Diamonds: A Summary (insp)

  Anonymous said:
You're only talking about a small portion of the insta diamond community. Most of make our own edits and are pretty original.

notice how kevin never said “they all always repost tumblr edits” and even then who cares?? why are u being insulted if it doesnt apply to u. move on its not that big of a deal -hector