Did betatraxx release the clip of electra heart yet?

He has not ~ Kevin

asked by Anonymous
Wait is she releasing a NEW song????

She’s not releasing a “new” song, but the song “Electra Heart” will be released soon! ~ Kevin

asked by majoroctofuss
  • The EP will be released some time next week, through Betatraxx’s label (x/x)
  • The revised track will sound much like the one released during the summer, but the sounds will be clearer and brighter (x)
  • There will be a remix by Betatraxx and a remix by Teddy Killers, as well as a classical version of the song (x)
  • There is no new verse on the revised version (x)
  • He is unaware of Marina’s future releases/projects (x)
  • There is a¬†possibility¬†there will not be any vocals on the classical version of “Electra Heart” (x)
  • The track “Relic” will be released as Betatraxx’s “Electra Heart” remix (x)
  • Marina has been aware of “Electra Heart“‘s upcoming release (x)
  • If asked, Betatraxx would love to work with Marina again (x)
  • The song was recorded at the beginning of the Electra Heart era (x)

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